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eFIDS manages arrivals, departures, gate information, and baggage displays via large screen monitors, LEDs, and PCs.
eFIDS creates reports: daily, schedule deviation, monthly, and landing fee audit.
eFIDS is a highly automated Flight Information Display System designed to minimize the need for airline and airport user interaction

eFIDS is the only Flight Information Display System that is FULLY AUTOMATED.

eFIDS uses near real time data to track active flights. This information can be used to update ETA of a flight in progress, as well as to determine when a flight has arrived or departed. In the event that the data feed becomes unavailable, airport and airline staff are notified via email and via an audible alert on the eFIDS admin webpage. During this time, the system maintains all displays in their last updated form. Authorized airport and airline personnel can use their PC workstations or a phone to make updates. When manual updates are made, the changes are propagated to all appropriate eFIDS displays. When the data feed is restored, updates will automatically resume.

  • 5
    eFIDS is easy to use and does the job.
    Luke Alexander
    TYS Airport
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    eFIDS produces key reports so we can spend more time on other responsibilities.
    Hillary Hillman
    BNA Airport
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    eFIDS revolutionized our airport!
    Jay Samuel
    PDX Airport